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Activate faith with a curriculum kids love

Spark Sunday School is offered in three curriculum model options—classroom, lectionary, and rotation—that can be customized to work with an existing Sunday school program.

With Spark, you’ll find every resource you need to help kids activate their faith.


Spark Lectionary

Spark Lectionary follows stories in the Revised Common Lectionary. Throughout the three-year cycle, each lesson comes from a Bible story in the Old Testament, the Gospels, or Acts.

Spark Classroom

Spark Classroom walks through key Old Testament and New Testament Bible stories each year, in a two-year cycle. The Old Testament stories are presented in the fall quarter and the New Testament stories are presented in the winter and spring quarters.

Spark Rotation

Spark Rotation provides eight workshop rotation options for each Bible story. In this model, kids spend more than one week on a Bible story and visit a different workshop each week in order to experience that same story from different perspectives.

Spark Rotation also includes an “All Kids” option, making it easy for smaller congregations or congregations who prefer a multi-age Sunday school program format.